We Are 2600hz

We believe in simplicity. We are a team of enthusiastic individuals who set out to redefine the telecom industry. We dedicate our time to achieve scalable and adaptive communication solutions. In short, we are a one-stop shop for your next telecom revolution.

We Are Innovators

We have built a scalable telecom infrastructure
With the goal to provide a unified communications solution
So your customers can communicate the way they want

We Are Dedicated

Keeping our clients thrilled is our main goal
We stand by our work—and own up to our mistakes
We take pride in our work, and aim for perfection

We Are A Family

We are intellectual, fearless, and creative thinkers
Enthusiasm and energy—that’s what we’re all about
Morale is always high with team-building events

Our Source-Code and Doors Are
Always Open!

The Evolution of 2600hz

Product Launches
Built multi-tenant one server, PBX services
Built a distributed scalable VoIP platform
Kazoo BETA (Whistle Renamed)
Built an API-based communication platform with
  • Enterprise Hosted PBX
  • User Portal
  • Developer's App
Kazoo- Software Defined Telecom
Built a single interface for unified experience
  • App StoreSmart PBX, Conferencing, Billing
  • Trunking, Cluster Manager, Account Manager, Number Manager
  • True Mobile integration
Kazoo – One Stop Shop for Telecom
With many more apps
  • Branding App, Reseller's Portal
  • Mobile User Portal, iPhone and Android
  • Call Center, Carrier's App, Carrier Services
Founded 2600hz in an apartment.
The space we moved in was first a church and then a bank.
(It even has vaults and pews)
First launch was a tough one, but that didn't stop us.
So, the team went camping and came back fresher than ever.
More talented people came on-board.
Demand for Kazoo Beta was more than we predicted.
Bagged the Developer's week award.
Nominated for TC3 best platform technology.
More camping, Tough Mudder challenges.
And stepped on TechCrunch Disrupt Stage.
There is more to come, and we promise to keep it interesting.
Also we are looking for a bigger place, hit us up if you know one!
Company milestones
Behind The Scenes
  • Darren comes with nearly,
    two decades of
    telecom experience.

  • His contribution to open source
    telecom is immense.

  • He is so passionate about it,

    that he co-authored the FreeSwitch books.

  • He mentors in
    universities & workshops.

  • and in his nanoseconds
    of spare time...

  • He transforms in to a
    breathless biker and
    hardcore Phish fan.

Darren Schreiber | CEO
  • Patrick is a people’s man..

  • He has this gift of both worlds:
    business and technology.

  • Which he uses, to drive success
    and client satisfaction.

  • He manages operations
    effectively with his Zen-like

  • Not only does he inspire and
    motivate the team,

  • he also keeps them in line with
    nerf guns when needed!

    Everybody needs that break..

Patrick Sullivan | COO
  • Karl brings over a decade of
    telecom experience to our team

    it doesn't come that easily, we realize.

  • Karl is not just a geek, he is
    the definition of one!

  • He is an engineer, developer
    and everything in between.

  • And when he is not fiddling
    with phone networks...

  • He builds automated car washes,
    strictly for fun.

Karl Anderson | CTO

Team Culture


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We are geeks at heart. We love telecom, mischief, and everything in between.
From the hottest advancements in telecom to team brunch on Fridays, we are passionate
about what we do. If this sounds like fun and you want to be a part of something
bigger (and own a personal nerf gun), we want to hear from you!


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