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Seamlessly integrate 3G/4G mobile voice, SMS and data services with your existing KAZOO PBX offerings

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Sell, activate and manage mobile devices with 2600Hz Mobile

2600Hz resellers can easily sell, activate and manage mobile phones through the 2600Hz mobile portal, allowing end users to have the freedom to make and receive calls from any device, while enjoying the same robust calling features they enjoy in the office.

Mobile & PBX Integration =
Unrivaled Communications Experience

Offer Mobile Advantages

LTE pbx extension

Use most major model LTE handsets as an extension of your PBX

mobile voice data sms

Includes native mobile voice, data, and SMS

inbound numbers phonesystem

Take calls on multiple inbound numbers

mobile hotspot business phone

Mobile hotspot

PBX Features and Functionality On The Go

extension dialing software

Native extension dialing

transfer calls phonesystem

Instantly move calls between any device

call forwarding ip telephony

Find me, follow me

voicemail box phone software

Unified voicemail box for easy message retrieval

blf mobile calls

BLF/presence indication for mobile calls

Benefits to you, the Reseller

lte phone services handsets

Offer LTE phone service and handsets to your customers

pricing growth revenue phonesystem

Increase per user pricing and grow revenue

deskphone bundle standalone mobile phone system

Bundle with deskphone or as a standalone

manage business phone plans usage maximize revenue

Manage usage and plans your way to maximize revenue

Wholesale Mobile Rates




Device Activation

One Time

$ 15.00

Activated Devices

Monthly Per Device

$ 5.99

2,000 SMS/ MMS (Soft Cap)

Monthly Per Device

$ 5.00


100 MB Per Device

$ 0.99


Per Minute, Per Device

$ 0.01

Mobile Port Request

Per Port

$ 5.00

*Mobile usage that includes a fixed call leg will be billed for the fixed SIP trunk usage as well.


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59% of today’s professionals are using their mobile devices to run their businesses, making reliable business mobile solutions more critical now than ever before.

hosted pbx reseller device connectivity

Multiple Device Connectivity

2600Hz Mobile makes PBX telephone features available natively to mobile devices. Both mobile and fixed line numbers can be shared across multiple devices, permitting you to take inbound calls from any device. Supported devices include:

Smartphones, Tablets, Desk Phones, 4G LTE Hotspots

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Choose Your Own Device

2600Hz Mobile supports a wide array of new and used CDMA mobile devices, including but not limited to:

Apple iPhone 4 - 7, Samsung Galaxy 5 - 7, HTC M8/M9, Google Nexus

Requirements: Sprint eligible (CDMA/LTE only), used (clean ESN), unlocked, no financial lock and must be returnable.

HTC, Samsung, Nexus, and Apple are not affiliated with 2600Hz.

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mobile phone CDMA 3G voice channel call quality

Unparalleled Call Quality

2600Hz Mobile calls go over CDMA/3G networks on the voice channel, not over a data connection. Since call quality is guaranteed by the network operator, performance and quality of calls will always be better than a traditional VoIP softphone app, even in weak signal areas.

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mobile phonesystem price plans

Set Your Own Price Plans

2600Hz Mobile is significantly different from any other mobile service available on the market. Most mobile retail programs are agent based, and limit your upside to a fixed percentage. As a reseller of 2600Hz Mobile, service providers are able to control margins by setting pricing plans and integrating 2600Hz Mobile services into their existing service offerings.

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Not Another Voip Company

While most companies use an Over-The-Top (OTT) app that utilizes the data part of the network, 2600Hz Mobile integrates directly with the carrier to ensure maximum call quality by going over the voice part of the network.Though no application is required to use 2600Hz Mobile, third party VoIP & mobile device management apps can be used alongside this service.End customers are able to use their business mobile devices as normal, while taking advantage of the additional KAZOO PBX functionality and features that make this product so valuable.

Be Your Own MVNO

Mobile Reseller Options

Traditional Reseller Options



One Talk


Bus. Mobile


Data, Voice & SMS Service

OTT App/ Softphone *

Basic PBX Functionality **

Native PBX Integration ***

Ability to White Label

Priority Voice Channel ****

* 2600Hz Mobile is not an OTT calling app/ softphone, but does support any mobile SIP softphone.

** Move calls between mobile/ fixed devices

*** Multiple inbound numbers, unlimited conference bridges & IVRs

**** Provides superior experience over traditional data channels

It’s Simple: No Apps, No Hassles. True Integration.

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