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2600Hz’s cloud communications platform modernizes the way businesses provide telephony services to their customers.

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Introducing KAZOO, the most powerful Unified Business
Communications platform available.

2600Hz’s flagship product, KAZOO, is an Enterprise Grade Class 4/5 Softswitch built for the cloud. Trusted by service providers and Fortune 500 companies, KAZOO provides voice, data and messaging services to millions of users globally. KAZOO’s unique multi-tenant architecture is distributed and highly scalable, with flexible deployments and dynamic call control managed from one intuitive interface. For developers building their own telephony apps, 2600Hz’s suite of 100+ APIs offers full access to the building blocks of the entire platform.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

KAZOO combines the stability of traditional telecom with revolutionary advances in VoIP technology.

On-premise, Old School Telecom
  • High Operational Costs
  • + High Reliability
  • Requires on-site hardware
  • Difficult to scale
  • Unable to integrate with modern technologies
  • Requires specialty technicians
  • No whitelabel abilities
Competitor VoIP Solutions
  • Unprofitable pay structures
  • Can have troubles with reliability
  • + No on-site hardware required
  • Claim to scale but rarely do as promised
  • Lack of customization and control
  • Lack of true support
  • Unable to whitelabel
  • + Affordable and open solutions
  • + High Reliability
  • + No on-site hardware required
  • + Extremely scalable
  • + API based—Integrate with ANYTHING
  • + Customized I.T. support
  • + Whitelabel under your own brand

Our Products

Powerful telecom solutions for seamlessly providing next generation business communications services.

Hosted Platform

2600Hz’s hosted suite is the easiest way for US resellers to sell high-quality business communications services. Our turn-key platform can be customized and whitelabeled to establish and grow your business, while providing industry leading reliability and scalability.

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Global Infrastructure

Deploy KAZOO’s geo-redundant, clustered architecture inside your own data center and enjoy complete control over your network and carrier providers. 2600Hz offers several deployment options and installations can be highly customized to fit client requirements. Private network and international deployments are supported.

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2600Hz Mobile

Resellers can offer their customers mobile 3G/4G voice, data and SMS services alongside with hosted KAZOO PBX services. This allows customers to have the freedom to make and receive calls from any device, while enjoying the same robust calling features they enjoy in the office.

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