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Free UC w/2600Hz

This is a reoccurring podcast with the 2600Hz team that focuses on fun and exciting discussion that include: Product and company updates, partner highlights, interviews with engaging industry knowledge leaders, guest appearances with leading analysts, and a whole lot of fun.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 27: Equity in the Hybrid Workplace

2600Hz's Alisa Bartash and Clint Mohs

In this episode, 2600Hz's Alisa Bartash and Clint Mohs tackle a topic that’s front of mind for many folks across nearly all industries--the hybrid workplace. While there are myriad things to be considered for the hybrid office to be successful, this episode focuses on the importance of equity when part of the workforce is working from home while the other is in office. If 2020 was all about WFH, 2021 is shaping up to be the year of RTO and the hybrid workforce. We also have a blog series on this topic! Check out part one, Hybrid Work Best Practices — Investing in Tech here.

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Episode 26: Why We're Running Out of Phone Numbers

2600Hz's Alisa Bartash and Clint Mohs

In this episode, 2600Hz's Alisa Bartash and Clint Mohs talk about phone numbers and why we're running out of them. We'll give you a hint: it has to do with...technology! There are many everyday devices that use phone numbers and tons of creative ways businesses are utilizing phone numbers that you would never know about! Clint and Alisa discuss some of the lesser known and newer examples in this informative episode. As mentioned in the discussion, Clint wrote a blog with additional examples that you can read here.

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Episode 25: Creating a Profitable Pricing Strategy

2600Hz's Alisa Bartash and Clint Mohs

In this episode, 2600Hz's Alisa Bartash and Clint Mohs talk all about pricing and packaging - why having a compelling pricing strategy is so important, the key factors to consider when creating or updating your pricing strategy, best practices for choosing a pricing strategy, and more. Whether you're creating a pricing strategy for the first time or if you're looking to revamp your existing strategy, this podcast has the information you need to create a profitable strategy. As mentioned in the discussion, Clint created a PDF resource all about pricing and packaging. You can download it here.

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Cavell group

Patrick Sullivan on Staying Ahead in a Competitive Market | Cloud Comms Summit Europe 2021


Patrick Sullivan on New 2600hz Applications created for the demands of the Work From Home Employee

2600Hz webinar

2600Hz's CEO Darren Schreiber on leveraging data in the era of mobility.


2600Hz's COO Patrick Sullivan opening remarks for KAZOOcon 2019


2600Hz's CEO Darren Schreiber & T-Mobile for Business National Account Manager Asim Bhegani discuss partnership.


Here from top Analysts in the telco industry including Phil Edholm (PKE Consulting), Blair Pleasant (COMMfusion LLC) & Jon Arnold (J Arnold & Associates)

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