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Free UC w/2600Hz

This is a reoccurring podcast with the 2600Hz team that focuses on fun and exciting discussion that include: Product and company updates, partner highlights, interviews with engaging industry knowledge leaders, guest appearances with leading analysts, and a whole lot of fun.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 21: Six Months Later — How Coronavirus has Changed Telecom

With Dave Gilbert & Crisantos Hajibrahim

Join 2600Hz Head of Marketing, Alisa Bartash, UC Pioneer & Chief Cloud Evangelist of the Cloud Communications Alliance, Dave Gilbert, and Chief Product Evangelist of Prodoscore, Crisantos Hajibrahim, as they chat about the impact COVID-19 has had on the world, and specifically the world of Telecom. They discuss new technology that has emerged to help remote workers as well as a number of areas that need to be addressed moving forward.  This is a follow up to episode 18, Remote Work in the Era of Coronavirus.

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Episode 20: How Call Analytics Can Transform Your Business

With Jimmy Lim & Yasmin Gray of Xarios

Join 2600Hz Head of Marketing Alisa Bartash for a timely conversation about call analytics with two members of the Xarios Technologies team — Jimmy Lim, Vice President of Cloud Product, and Yasmin Gray, Product Marketing Manager. In this episode, they discuss why call analytics are so important (even though they are often overlooked), how call analytics can be leveraged to help improve the customer experience, and some of the really innovative call center technology Xarios has brought to market. To keep the conversation going and to take advantage of a free trial of Dimensions on your KAZOO installation, email Jimmy at Jimmy.Lim@Xarios.com.

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Episode 19: Reprioritizing Roadmaps & Business Agility

with Patrick Sullivan

Join 2600Hz Head of Marketing Alisa Bartash and 2600Hz COO & Co-Founder Patrick Sullivan for a conversation about the importance of business agility and the role it plays in 2600Hz's commitment to enabling remote work.  In this episode, Patrick and Alisa discuss how 2600Hz reprioritized their roadmap in response to rapidly changing customer needs and a massive increase in remote work due to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic. They also discuss how  2600Hz was able to bring new products that enable WFH to market in about a month and what businesses can do to successfully respond to their customers' needs during unprecedented events such as a pandemic.

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Patrick Sullivan on New 2600hz Applications created for the demands of the Work From Home Employee

2600Hz webinar

2600Hz's CEO Darren Schreiber on leveraging data in the era of mobility.


2600Hz's COO Patrick Sullivan opening remarks for KAZOOcon 2019


2600Hz's CEO Darren Schreiber & T-Mobile for Business National Account Manager Asim Bhegani discuss partnership.


Here from top Analysts in the telco industry including Phil Edholm (PKE Consulting), Blair Pleasant (COMMfusion LLC) & Jon Arnold (J Arnold & Associates)


2600Hz's CEO & Co-Founder Darren Schreiber discusses all things 2600Hz.

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