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What is Generative AI?

Generative AI, a relatively new branch of the larger field of Machine Learning, represents a major advance in AI modeling. While past Machine Learning efforts have been limited to predictive models that can observe and classify patterns within datasets given a pre-defined set of parameters, large language models allow for "self-supervised learning"--the ability of an AI model to define and refine its own parameters as it works through a large amount of data.

This ability to learn on the fly without the need for human intervention is a landmark advance in AI. Generative AI takes the next step forward by employing large language models to create new images, text, and code based on its self-supervised learning.

How AI Can Transform Telecom

Given its explosion into nearly every industry thanks to the accessibility of tools like ChatGPT and Bard, it's safe to say that Generative AI is here to stay and have a profound impact on the telecom industry in the years to come. The main driver of Generative AI's transformational impact is its wealth of use cases. Because the capabilities of a single large language model are so diverse (from question answering to document summarization to code generation), the workflows they can impact are equally far-reaching. This profound impact will only continue to grow, as the capabilities of these models are scaling with the amount of data they are fed.

How Generative AI will impact telecom and cloud communications is similarly far reaching. From end-user applications like more accurate chat bots and more powerful voicebots to handle Level 1 customer support all the way to back-end maintenance like server resource allocation mapping, fraud detection and automating processes to combat it, and even coding new features. The scale and scope of Generative AI's impact on the industry is truly only limited by the imagination of those implementing it into their solution.

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