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KAZOO is a proven open cloud communications platform designed to scale effortlessly with carrier-grade reliability and security. With a unique multi-tenant architecture, KAZOO offers true georedundancy and horizontal scalability.

With KAZOO 5.x, 2600Hz has introduced the most redundant, reliable, and efficient iteration of KAZOO we have ever built. We completely overhauled all the back-end plumbing to give you the most resilient and robust KAZOO yet, with 6x improved efficiencies across the platform.

  • Single code base for tight integrations

  • Completely API-driven platform

  • Fully white-label platform

  • Multi-tenant Architecture

  • SBC included

Hosted Platform

Get started immediately and go to market with a plug and play solution that lets you make more money and grow quickly
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Private Cloud

Enjoy higher quality, have more control over your services, and maximize your ROI with private, fully redundant servers
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Private Cloud Plus

All the benefits of Private Cloud with additional network and monitoring tools that enable rapid expansion for any business
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Global infrastructure

Offer global services while utilizing your own data centers for infinite scalability and ultimate control
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Depending on your business requirements and preferences, you can choose between using KAZOO in 2600Hz’s shared hosted environment, having 2600Hz host KAZOO for you on dedicated private bare-metal servers in world class data centers, or have 2600Hz monitor and support KAZOO in your own data centers. The choice is yours!

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Built from the ground up on a single code base, KAZOO is a truly hybrid platform that empowers end users with tight integrations across all three pillars of cloud communications. Whether it be voice, video, or chat, 2600Hz is bringing all business communications together with KAZOO.

With open APIs for developers to build their own integrations and a suite of pre-built applications, KAZOO lets you do business your way by customizing every part of your solution, including pricing, branding, customer offerings, and more. Out-of-the-box cloud comms solutions lack the full range of features and integrations your customers need to be successful, but these assets can be overly resource intensive to develop on a CPaaS platform. With KAZOO’s suite of pre-built tools and integrations paired with 300+ open APIs, you can offer a custom communications solution and become your customers’ one-stop provider.

Business Collaboration

With the new realities of distributed and hybrid work forces, end users have never demanded more of their phone and collaboration systems. Service providers and telecom resellers are faced with increasingly complex workflows to solve for their customers. From SMB to Enterprise, KAZOO provides a turnkey business collaboration solution that is completely API-driven. And, because the platform can be white-labeled, our customers can focus on growing their brand in the cloud communications market.

Contact Center

The expectations of your end users’ customers have never been higher. Help them meet and exceed those expectations with a robust, proven Call Center built natively into KAZOO. With Call Center, your end users will be able to respond quickly to the constantly changing needs of their customers and still deliver on their KPIs thanks to our app’s realtime dashboards and configurable reporting. Admins and agents alike can be empowered with intuitive queue creation, increased manager enablement, improved queue interaction, and a redesigned call drawer. And, most importantly, your end users’ agents will always be available to provide their customers support with KAZOO’s carrier grade reliability and security.

Developer Tools

Rather than offering a standalone toolkit of developer assets for service providers to start from scratch, KAZOO has been built entirely as an API-driven platform on a single code base. We have done the hard work of building out telecom functionality, like number management, device provisioning, and callflow creation, so you can focus on taking business collaboration and contact center to the next level with our 300+ open APIs. KAZOO's single code base ensures seamless integrations across all applications, enabling you to become your customers' one-stop provider.

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